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Coach's Club Log-In Help and Error Message Explanations

Hello readers and Coach's Club members, and potential new Coach's Club members.  If you have experienced a problem in the LOG-IN function of the Coach's Club, hopefully this help page will provide the answer you need in case isn't immediately available by email at the time you experience the error.  Please be certain you read it all, and understand everything.  It will help you eliminate error messages, and irritating delays in the future. This page is also linked from the main home page index, just under the log-in box area in the left hand side column. Thanks.


If you experience a LOG-IN problem, you may get one of several error messages.  Please see below for help and possible answers.

Error Message #1"Invalid Coach's Club User ID and Password"

You have more than likely made a mistake in typing in your email and user password.  Please keep in mind the email and password fields are case sensitive, meaning you must use upper and lower case letters in the same fashion as you used when you originally registered for your Club membership and password. 

If you happen to forget your password, or need to request a change in passwords, or if you happen to be changing your email address, and need to change that on your account as well, please don't hesitate to email

Error Message #2"According to our system, you are already logged into Coach's Club. Please be sure there are no other users logged in under your account name and password and then try  your login again.  Your account has now been flagged for multiple logins. If this happens repeatedly, we will deactivate your login  information and you will need to contact us to  reactivate your account.  If this is an error, please contact to report on the problem."

If you receive this error message, first it's VERY IMPORTANT that you understand to NOT attempt to repeatedly re-log in over and over immediately after getting this error message.  If you received this error because you accidentally forgot to LOG-OUT from your previous session by clicking the LOG-OUT button to close your account, simply wait 20 minutes, and the server will automatically close your account for you.  After the account is closed out, you should be able to log back in without any further problems. Next, please read the following questions and answers:

1. So what is this "multiple simultaneous log-in attempts using the same account information" anyway?

Easy. The server system will not allow two different users to log-in to the Coach's Club using the same account information at the same time.  Your log-in information is unique to your Coach's Club account, and if you are logged-in to the Coach's Club, no one else will be able to log-in to the Club using your account information.

Unfortunately, this includes your family members as well, even if it's a log-in attempt on one of your two authorized computer systems (for example: you're logged-in at work, and a family member tries to log-in at the same time on your home system).  Please try to keep your Coach's Club log-in sessions to one-at-a-time per individual account information. If multiple log-in attempts using the same account information at the same time are noted by the server system, your account will be "flagged", and if it happens on a repeated basis, your account will be temporarily deactivated until the matter can be resolved with

You will encounter this problem in the future if your account information has been given out to numerous unauthorized Coach's Club users. The best way to keep this situation from ever happening is to ask others not to use your account log-in information.

2. So what's the deal with this new "Log-Out" button and why is it so important?

As a Coach's Club member, you need to be aware of the issue of "logging-out" when you're done with a Coach's Club session, in order to cut down on experiencing error messages in the future. Please note at the bottom of the list of "Quick Links" for the various areas of the Coach's Club on the navigation bar, as well as on the main front page, you'll find a Coach's Club "Log Out" button that looks like this: 

The functionality of "logging-in" to the Coach's Club hasn't changed at all.  You'll continue to log-in to the Coach's Club the same way you've been doing all along.  However, we need you to try and get yourself in the habit of "Logging Out" when you're done surfing around inside the Coach's Club. It's quick and easy, and only requires the one click of the "Log Out" button. There are no fields to fill out, and no additional information is required to log-out.  All you have to do is click the button when you're done with your Coach's Club session before you leave for another internet site, or shut down your browser.  It's quick and easy.

If you don't "log-out" when you're done with your session, and either move on to another internet site, or shut your browser down, it will take the server approximately 20 minutes to automatically "clear out" your account's most recent log-in session.  If you then come back to during that time, and try to log-in again, you're going to experience an error (Error #2 from above), and the server won't let you log back in until the last session has been "cleared out".

Additionally, any attempt to log back in to the Coach's Club if you haven't logged-out from your previous session, will appear to the server system as a simultaneous log-in attempt using the same account information and will be noted as so, as described in the previous section.  Again, if multiple log-in attempts using the same account information at the same time are noted by the server system, your account will be "flagged", and if it happens on a repeated basis, your account will be temporarily deactivated until the matter can be resolved with

Please try to get yourself in the habit of clicking the "log-out" button each time when you're finished with each of your Coach's Club sessions. That way, you'll never experience the 20 minute delay, and won't rack up multiple simultaneous log-in attempt errors.

Error Message #3"According to our system, you have already used your login email and password on two separate computers. We only permit login on two total computers for any login account.  Please log into Coach's Club through one of the previously used computers. You may request an increased number of computers by emailing Please explain the use or location of each additional computer you request."

If you receive this error message, one of two things has happened. You've either been deleting your temporary internet files, or "cookies", or you have used too many seperate computer systems to log-in to the Coach's Club.

What the heck is a "cookie", and why is it so important?

It's very important for all Coach's Club members to understand the Coach's Club works on a "cookie" system.  What's a "cookie"?  A "cookie" is a very small file that is placed on your computer by our server computer system when you log-in to the Coach's Club.  Essentially, the cookie file is just a means for our server computer to recognize you and your computer system when you visit the site again in the future.  The cookie file will only be used for subscribers, or Coach's Club members, and it will only be implemented on your system when you log-in to the Club. 

It is also very important that you understand that you'll need to leave the "cookie" on your system. Please do not delete it.  The "cookie" file is very small, and unobtrusive, and will not cause any damage to your system. It will not do anything else on your system other than serve as a recognizable file for our main server to locate when you visit the site again.  Additionally, you're going to need to have your internet browser (MS Internet Explorer, Netscape) security settings set such that your system will "accept cookies", so that not only can the cookie be found and read by our server each time, but also so that the server can place your cookie on your system initially if you're a new member.  You will at the very least be required to have your browser's cookie setting set to "accept cookies" when you visit and use the Coach's Club at  Whether you choose to have your browser's cookie system set to "on" all the time for surfing other internet sites is strictly up to you, but if you don't have your browser's "cookie" system turned on when using, the Coach's Club log-in and log-out function is not going to work properly for you.

Another very important issue to note about the "cookie" systems and your Coach's Club memberships, is that your Coach's Club log-in membership information (your e-mail address and Club password) are unique to your account.  Our server system is currently set to allow you to use only two (2) different computers from which you can log-in to the Coach's Club using your account log-in information.  Each computer you use to log-in to the Coach's Club will have a cookie placed on it by the server, and that cookie will be unique to your log-in information and will be noted and remembered by the main server.  If you try to log-in on any additional computer systems other than the two systems unique to your account information, you'll receive an error message (Error Message #3 from above) and will not be allowed to log-in.

This limitation is also one of the reasons it's very important for you not to delete the "cookie" from your systems.  If you delete the "cookie", the server is not going to recognize your system as being on your "list of authorized computers" the next time you log-in to the Coach's Club. The server will consider the computer that you are using as a new system, and will add another system to your "tally".  If you delete the cookie from your system each time, you will experience a log-in error on the 3rd log-in attempt.

If you're a Coach's Club member, and you feel you have a legitimate reason for needing access to the Coach's Club on more than two separate computer systems, please e-mail and explain the situation.  Also, we fully understand and realize that computer users and internet surfers feel the need to clean-out their temporary internet files, or "cookie" files from their browsers every so often, and in doing so, you'll end up deleting the "cookie".  If you begin to experience log-in error #3 due to this reason, simply let know about it, and steps can be taken to fix the problem for you.

Finally, please note that, Inc. reserves the rights to increase the total computer system access number on a case-by-case basis if deemed necessary., Inc. also reserves the rights to reduce the total system access number across the board for ALL COACH'S CLUB MEMBER ACCOUNTS at any time in the future if it is so deemed necessary. 

A Final Note from Coach and the Staff

Please understand all of these issues discussed here are not only very important, but also completely necessary to ensure a high level of security on the site. Also, please remember that it's our site and company policy that Coach's Club members not share their Club password access with other unauthorized users who have not purchased a Coach's Club membership of their own.  Allowing your immediate family members within your household to use your Club membership access is perfectly acceptable.  Allowing numerous other unauthorized users outside of your immediate family or household is a violation of your Club membership agreement. It's not fair to, Inc., and it's not fair to all other Coach's Club members who've paid for premium information access on this site.

Let's all keep "Hokie Spirit" in mind and adhere to these policies.

If you would like to discuss any of these site changes and upgrades with us, please feel free to e-mail We're always open to feedback and want to hear from you.

Thank you so much for your time in reading this, and also for your understanding of the necessity of these changes. We're gearing up to make a lot of great changes this season to make the site better and better for your enjoyment as we approach another wonderful football season! It's going to be a great year, so hold on because the best is yet to come!

As always, thanks so much for your continued support of the site.  GO HOKIES!

Frank Beamer, and the Staff

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